Thursday, 19 March 2009

Eleven Months Younger Than Me.

Released thirty years ago next week (the 24th, fact fans) was classic Motörhead album Overkill.
An album that influenced everyone from the burgeoning speed metal scene in San Fransisco right up to more modern metallers like Orange Goblin, this album sounds as thought it was recorded yesterday.

Featuring a trademark Joe Petagno sleeve, there is quite simply not a bad track on the album.
Stay Clean and Metropolis are still staples of the live set as of last year, and bad-ass anthems No Class and Damage Case are mandatory sing along anthems on any road trip that Thee Claw goes on.
The title track is an unrelentingly bombastic song that Lemmy and Co still play as an encore, (I Won't) Pay Your Price is a swaggering attack on the false.
You can get a double CD version of Overkill now, with the b-sides from the No Class 7" (which came in three different sleeves (I want the Philthy Animal one!) but Thee Claw says - visit your local second hand record shop and get a copy for a few quid or a few dollars and drink some cider with the money you've saved.

All hail Lemmy, Philthy Animal and Fast Eddie Clarke!!!

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