Tuesday, 31 March 2009

...In 1991, Euronymous asked me to replace Dead on vocals in Mayhem...

One of the most visually pleasing things I have ever seen, and full of bits to fill in the blanks that are all the way through the half a story you think you know.
Original mixes of Cursed In Eternity/Pagan Fears/Freezing Moon/Funeral Fog/Life Eternal with Count Grishnacht's bass mixed higher, different vocal stylings in some parts and a previously unheard drum intro to Freezing Fog.
Strictly limited to 3000 copies, this is a must for any serious fan of those early, heady days. I was extremely lucky, mine came in the post today, won off ebay for a sum so reasonable that I can't even believe it properly.
Atilla's notes on the inner sleeve poignantly describe his despair at the death of Euronymous, and the effect it had on him back home in Hungary, but I won't reproduce that here, you can no doubt read the story on the web somewhere now it has been told.

Well done to Mr Csihar, this package sounds amazing, and looks even better.

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Matt Amyx said...

What is the name of that package?