Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Straight From Thee Shire

This morning a parcel arrived from the lovely folk at PsycheDOOMelic Records, via those likely lads of the Shire, Olde Crone (top ale drinkers and leaf smokers)... including their rifftastic debut LP.

What we've got here, you lovely people, is over an hour of Sabbath/Wizard/Goblin style riffing with rolling drums and psychedelic passages.
Boss biker bellowing from vocalist Lyndon, massive, massive riffs from Foxy and Dicky with Mark Greening style drumming from Fyfe holding it all together.
A trip to the Shire where the hobbits will tell you about the legend of Suspiria... you can't go wrong.
Just in time for thee Summer ov Doom - Thee Claw recommends!
I've got a couple of bottles of Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier cooling for when I listen again in the dark.

Olde Crone Myspace
psycheDOOMelic Records

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