Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tardy Brothers - Bloodline

Released next month, Bloodline sees John and Donald Tardy (of Obituary fame) and guest musicians Ralph Santolla, John Li, Scott Johnson and original Xecutioner guitarist Jerry Tidwell, but is it any good?

Before I start, I must admit that I wasn't overly impressed with either Frozen in Time or Xecutioner's Return, but as a fan from way back, I was looking forward to hearing what John and Donald would release once they were away from the Obituary banner.

Obviously, John's vocals aren't too different from what you'd expect to hear on an Obituary album, but the trademark crunch of the guitars isn't there, which is the main factor in you realising that you're actually listening to a side project.
There are lots of stop-start dynamics on the first few tracks to get you nodding your head along to, but the album comes alive on Deep Down, a fast paced thrasher with amazing drums from Donald, and some amazing leads traded off over the top.  The Celtic Frost influence that pervades most of the brother's main band's releases is replaced here with their obvious love for more straight ahead classic metal. 
Uniting this with John's unique voice was always going to be a struggle, but it works.
Wired is a semi-acoustic passage that leads into Fates Call,  a total hetpenger of a track with sick double kick drumming in. Fade Away is the album's closing track, and has a swaggering rock feel to it, by this time it is obvious that the lads have a lot of influences that are desperate to be realised but are beyond the constraints of Obituary.
Verdict? Buy!

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