Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Brutal Truth In Bratislava

Check this out:

That's a photo of grind legends BRUTAL FUCKING TRUTH at their recent gig over in Bratislava - look at the state of them, they were totalled! The guy pictured in the photo with them (on the right) is my brother of true metal RADO, he went along to check out BFT and reports back that they played a monster 2 hour set at that particular show, mainly because the crowd were having a ball and kept taking more beer to the stage for the band to drink. They finished their set by saying "We can't play anymore, we're too drunk!".

Maaaaaan, I wish I was at that show. Thee Claw plans to go and visit our good buddy Rado in his home town for some shows real soon - be ready for us dude!!

Check out more of Rado's Brutal Truth photos HERE.

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