Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Dark Thrones And Black Flags

Good news taken directly from Nocturno Culto's Myspace page:

Title: "Finally another album done"
This past weekend Darkthrone finished their 14th album "Dark Thrones and Black Flags". And please don't get carried away with the "darkthrone has gone punk" myth. Metal is heading your way in October I've been told. The album will contain 10 new rotten songs for you to digest. Fenriz and myself are very pleased with the result (just have to mix and add some bass and stuff for the last songs we just recorded) as usual. If we were not pleased with our work, we would have ended the band, we're not stupid (only slighly). More on this later.

Aura Noir is ready for a new release in late August, but I will confirm a date here on MySpace soon. This album will be a killer, and you have all something great coming your way. The few songs I've heard so far is fucking ACE, you better believe it. Abscess is gonna record another album this Autumn, and from what Reifert said......let's just say that I'm a happy fish right now. Also more on this later.

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