Saturday, 19 July 2008


...To THOR

Anybody out there that likes a bit of Manowar, Saxon or even Grave Digger should check out THOR.
Their "Only The Strong" album and "Unchained" EP in particular.

Cheers to our mate Irish John for finding these true metal rarities and passing them on to me!
I have literally been searching the earth high and low for anything by Thor for years since my dad woke me up late one night when I was about 10 years old to tell me "some of your headbanging lot are on the telly, do you want me to stick a tape in?" to which I said "yeah!" but came down the stairs anyway to catch a guy dressed in spikes, leather and chain blowing up a hot water bottle (with safety goggles!) until it burst then proceeded to play some really cool heavy metal, and when you're 10 years old this stuff is cool as fuck!!! Later in the gig the same guy bent a large steel rod in his mouth then the band played more great music. I thought the name of the band was Thor but it turns out this guy doing all the singing, bottle inflating and bending was actually Thor!!!! Fuck Yeah!!!!

currently playing; Thor- "Thor Against The World"


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You're my hero lad.
Do you reckon thee DJ at Rock of Ages will play Creature Feature?