Monday, 14 July 2008

Claw Tour 2008 In Photos (The Story So Far)

As you might have noticed, here at Claw Towers we travel all around Europe & beyond checking out the best (and the worst) that hard rock & heavy metal has to offer in 2008. We recommend that all of our friends (you know who you are!) do the same as we do, set your sights on checking out as much live music as you can and get to a whole stack of gigs. The live concert experience is something that cannot be replicated in the home environment, you can talk about "the good old days" until you're blue in the face - hopefully by now you've worked out that none of that matters to Thee Brothers Claw! All that matters is the next beer and the next gig!

So, in the best of Claw spirit & for the enjoyment of all our friends and the amazing bands that we've encountered during this year's Claw Tour, we've arranged a collection of our favourite pics that we've taken during the last calendar year's gig frenzy. Just click on the fucking link below and check it out!
Thee Claw - Gallery 2008

SJW, THEE FUCKING SKUM & PATCHIE VON BULLETBELT want to wish all of our Claw buddies out there the best 2008 music experience that you can possibly endure and we extend an open invitation to each and every one of you to get out there and come see some shows with us. Just remember, we don't give free rides to ANYONE so be prepared to make your own fucking way to the gig okay! Get yourself into the touring spirit and be as true as you can be... and don't take any shit from Thee Enemies Of Metal. We sure don't!

PS - Fuck the Nu Metal Bullshit Machine! \|||/

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The SKUM said...

i forgot i had them eddie hitler sideburns earlier this year!!!