Saturday, 26 July 2008

Maiden Twickenham... a bit late!

British press Twickenham Stadium show reviews from Iron Maidens official site.

And the moral of this story is Thee Claw knows not what to do if a bird shits on ya!!! (bit of a dickinsonism there!)
I know my post about this gig is a bit late but this was one show where I was truly lost for (losfer!) words, a really special night.

Throughout the years from time to time I find myself getting bored of metal in general and slipping away from it but I can always count on Iron Maiden to lure me back with nights of amazement like twickenham, they did the same thing in 2000, with the album Brave New World and their Earls Court gig a couple of weeks after the albums release, metal faith, NO, MAIDEN faith was restored.
Twickenham was a right proper faith restorer I tell thee!!!!!!

The twickenham gig was my 16th Maiden show since 1990, all amazing shows obviously, sure we had a dull patch between 1995 and 1999 but I can't see Maiden EVER topping twickenham in terms of energy, showmanship and of course the setlist! And man that energy was fucking off the chart, no filler songs, it was all Go from the first song, there was even no shit songs so everybody could stop for a rest, Maiden delivered and the enormous crowd never stopped, not even for the "lifeless lump" chill out bit in Rime Of The Ancient Marinier!!!

My favourite part of the entire show was Heaven Can Wait cos they had a huuuuuge Somewhere In Time landscape on the backdrop and that was my geek out moment, that album and it's artwork blew my head off in 86 and they still impress me now and our own SJW even made an appearance on the big screen as the band came back on for the encores, sporting the mightiest grin I've ever seen haha, well in squire!!!

Bring on a new album and tour lads and also don't forget to keep Revelations and Wasted Years in the setlist for the next tour!!!!!!

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