Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Morbid Angel Master Tapes Anyone?

What the fuck??  Earache sold the masters to Blessed Are The Sick this week, over on ebay.  Idiots!

This listing is for Earache’s original Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick (MOSH 31) PCM1630 master tape from Feb 1991. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE IN EXISTENCE!

All copies of the CD ever made were spawned from this original master tape, which Earache is now willing, due to a lack of storage space, to offer to fans who want to buy an original artefact of the making of a groundbreaking death metal album.

It comes with the original tape logs, with handwritten corrections and times (see photos for details).

This is not a multi-track tape. It’s the original stereo mix, mastered onto a Sony PCM-1630 Digital Audio Processor. The Output from the PCM-1630 was recorded on a Sony DMR-4000 Digital Master Recorder using Ampex 467 Digital Audio Tape.

This was mastered by Rodney Fuller, and created at Fuller Sound in Miama, Florida on 11th Feb 1991. Total tracks 13 – total length 39:30:23.

You will need to source a Sony PCM1630 tape machine to play back this tape.

This listing is your chance to own a piece of Morbid Angel history. We can never sell this again, as the winner of this auction will own the only one ever made!

The copyright in the recordings contained on the tape remain ©Earache Records Ltd, not the buyer. You will not have the rights to mass-produce this recording.

Final selling price: A paltry £330.

As a result of seeing this barbaric act of flagrant musical whoresmanship, I will now be searching ebay regularly for any more such auctions.

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Patchie said...

Yeah they were running out of space so badly....what could they have wanted to put in the space this took up? A slice of Pizza?