Sunday, 13 July 2008

a message...

OK gang, H here, The comments and thoughts of "The Skum" (me) do not reflect the opinions of the rest of the lads who contribute to this blog!
I got a bit of a bitch rant emailed to me from a band I gave a shitty review to.
Remember now, my opinions are my own and not Thee Claws.
This post has been edited many times cos I just cant be arsed with any grief off anyone, I just tell it the way I see it, I commented on what I thought of the performance, I ain't gonna fucking sugar coat it, you're involved in the wrong genre of music if you can't take a bit of criticism.
Go judge for yourselves, don't judge a band based on what I've said.


SJW said...

Anything that Thee Fucking Skum says goes double for me. If you can't take criticism then don't put yourself on a fucking stage!

The SKUM said...

i took the post off, i was getting a bit of grief off a few people and rightly so.

Matt Amyx said...

I think you should put the post back up. I get grief all the time for stuff I post on TorqueZine ALL the time and usually I just write back saying that if they don't like it to start their own blog and write about how much TorqueZine sucks. We as writers take the time and spend the money to go see bands, buy their albums and merch and expect some bang for our buck, when a band doesn't deliver in anyone of these categories, it's not their obligation nor the obligation of their label, tour managers, promoters or merchandisers to ever give us our money back, so it IS our obligation to let our brothers and sisters know not to waste their hard earned money on anything that is less that up to standard. I support whole-heartedly your right and the rights of everyone to speak your mind and if any one on the receiving end can't take it, then maybe instead of giving you a hard time for doing others a favor in calling them out for not giving us 100% they will get off their ass and give we, the fans some fucking quality control. It is after all our money that is putting food in their mouths and clothes on their backs and our hard work in front of the computer that is getting others to do the same and it's OUR reputations on the line to say whether or not we feel our readers money will be well spent or not.

Hail Skum, Hail Thee Claw, Hail Free Speech!!!

skonk said...

I read the post, and if you're not allowed to have your own opinion and express it, then there's nothing down for anyone anymore. H, lad, put it back up!!

Patchie said...

Right!!! I've just been on their mysponk page and now I know who they are, I remember seeing them years ago, they sucked then and I don't hold up much hope for them being less sucky now.

I trust my metal brother's judgement, he's never been wrong about a band in the 15 or so years I've known him.
Except maybe Thor. (only joking Skum)